Sweet Good Morning Message for a Friend

Make your sweetheart’s day a special one. Shower your partner with your love, choose an emotion-filled message and forward from these Romantic MessagesĀ in Morning on this page.

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My heart no longer belongs to me.
It resides in your heart.
I love you so much.

Time comes to a stand still,
when you are around me. I feel like,
it is just the two of us in the whole world. Can’t wait to meet you again.

I feel suffocated when you are far away from me.
Please don’t ever leave me.
I love you.

You are the one who I can open up to.
I feel so comfortable in your presence.
I love you my sweetheart.

You paint my life with your beautiful colors.
You make me happier than I ever was or can ever be.
I am addicted to your love.
I love you more than you will ever know.

Romantic Messages for Girlfriend

Bring in a deeper meaning to your sweet emotions of affection. Send a passionate message of fondness to the girl you love, choose from these Romantic Messages for Girlfriend.

sweet romantic messages for friends

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You are the girl with the sunshine smile.
Your voice is like a ray of hope.
You fill my life with all the rainbow colors.
Girl, to me you are no less than an angel from heaven.
I love you.

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You are the girl of every guy’s dreams.
I am so lucky that you belong to me.
I love you dear.

Hey sweetie,
you are the special someone who was missing in my life.
I’m so addicted to you.
I love you.

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world.
I’m so glad I got to experience it because of you.
I love you.

Was just dropping by your inbox to remind you,
that you are the one who is always on my mind.
I love you.

Romantic Messages for Boyfriend

Bring in a deeper meaning to your sweet emotions of affection. Send a passionate message of fondness to the guy you love, choose from these Romantic Messages for Boyfriend.


You fill my world with so much happiness and joy.
You are my knight in shining armor.
You are someone for whom,
I have been waiting all my life.
Thank you for being a part of my life.
I love you.

All my life I have searched but I never found someone who is so perfect for me.
You make my life complete.
With you I need not worry about the future because,
as long as I have you by my side,
I know the future will only be a pleasant surprise.
I love you.

I love to lie down in your arms and listen to your heart beats.
It makes me feel that there is someone in this world,
whose heart beats only for me.
I just can’t stop loving you.

Everyday with you feels like a dream.
No matter where I go or what I do,
you are the last thought that puts me to sleep each night and the first thought that wakes me up every morning.
I love my life because,
it has you.

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You make me so happy,
happier than I have ever been.
I can search and search,
but I will never be able to find someone who brings a smile to my face the way you do.
I love you so much.

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