Positive Affirmations for Happiness and Success 2021

Daily Positive affirmations are self-help tools for those who are seeking ways to heal segments of their personality, or ego, which are not in alignment with their all-knowing,

Higher Self, (also known as one’s I Am Presence). The Higher Self is the portion of us that is in the “love vibration” at all times.

It is a pure, all-knowing, all-loving replica of Mother-Father God, and it is that part of you which is connected both to your human self, (through your heart), and your Creator, at all times.

Choose Happiness regardless of circumstances or environment. Let it be contagious

law of attraction affirmations for success

Happiness is not an Experience, its a state of being.

It is my Right to be Rich, Successful and Money flows to me freely, copiously, and endlessly.

Be So Happy that when Others Look at you They become Happy Too

Positive Affirmation for Success and Money

Today is the Opportunity to build the Tomorrow you Want

i am affirmations for success

positive affirmations for happiness and success

affirmations for success

Failure Gave me Strength, and Pain was My Motivation of Success

God is Opening Doors for you to greatness far beyond your imagination

bible affirmations for success

daily affirmations for success

I attract Happiness by being my Authentic Self

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Do Something Today That Your Future Self will Thank You For

sleep affirmations for success

morning affirmations for success

positive affirmations for success

Daily Affirmations For Success

You will be so full of Joy and so much Happiness sharing your Good News

positive affirmations for love and success

affirmations for success in business

It’s Ok if today was not your day. Tomorrow is a new day of Success

Positive Affirmation for Success and Wealth

I choose to put love and joy into everything that I do – my positive feelings fill me with the power to succeed.

I choose to feel happy, therefore I AM happy!

My continuous success springs from my own well – I am positive and joyful every day of my life.

I AM always a winner, regardless of the outcome.

My Creator loves me and desires that I AM always happy and successful.

My enthusiasm and joy for life spills over into everything I choose to do. This ensures my success at every level!

My enthusiasm and joy for life spills over into everything I choose to do. This ensures my success at every level!

I accept that the greater my successes, the greater the ability I have to share my knowledge with others.

I know that I am successful and happy at all times.

I love to succeed. It makes me Happy.

I am Affirmations for Success

Regardless of where I AM, I make a positive difference in other people’s lives.

I AM the creator of my successes, and my happiness. I AM therefore happy and successful every day of my life, because I CHOOSE it!


I am Affirmations for Happiness and Success

I AM able to sit silently each day to receive loving guidance from my divine self. I trust this process, absolutely!

I AM aware that my success and happiness is a direct result of my positive thoughts, words, actions and feelings.

I AM the creator of my happiness. What I think and feel, so shall I be.

I AM aware that I AM employed as an earth angel, and I offer love, joy, peace and serenity to everyone I meet.

I AM happy to share the tools for my success with others.

I AM overflowing with joy over each and every one of my accomplishments.

I AM happy for others when they succeed. We are all one, and another’s success is mine as well.

I AM aware that “there” is no better than “here”. My success begins in this moment, now.

I AM aware that the tools for my success reside inside of me. I choose to be happy and successful in everything I do, think, say and feel. And so it is!

Positive Affirmations for Success

I AM confident in my ability to say and do the right thing at the appropriate moment.

I AM joyful about all of my accomplishments

I AM made from the same perfect cosmic energy as my Creator, therefore, I am always successful, I am always happy, and I am always at peace.

I AM feeling successful therefore I AM successful!

I AM aware that all roads lead back to our Creator. I AM also aware that my path is unique to me. I AM on the road to success and happiness at all times!

I AM open and willing to listen to another’s point of view. When I listen with my heart, I AM able to receive. Listening is another tool for my success!

I choose to allow opportunities to flow toward me, and I AM able to discern which ones are best for me.

I AM always successful – the universe sees only the perfection in everything. I choose to see it too.

I am aware that each step I take on my path home results in my success, and the success of all others.

I AM in the flow of divine love, which ensures success and happiness at every level of my existence.

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Whenever you find yourself sad, angry, jealous or fearful in any way, this is when you can make use of your Daily Positive Affirmations.

These words are positively powerful! When using them, intend that these Affirmations are helping to heal those parts of you that most need to be healed.

Instead of allowing mindless chatter and meaningless thought fragments to clog your brain and run rampant throughout your mind, be still, take a deep breath, and repeat your Daily Affirmations to yourself.

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