Best Inspirational Quotes During Covid 19 | Coronavirus Quotes

We have to be all togealther during this difficult time of Covid 19 and always stay safe and let’s fight this together. For everyone around the world these past few days have been tough.

These strict restrictions during this Covid 19 requiring you to stay inside your home and zero interaction with the outside world can take a toll on your mental health. Mindless scrolling through social media fueled by the need to keep up with current news can give rise to an anxious state of mind.

So to help you through the coronavirus pandemic here are 10 inspirational quotes during Covid 19 to keep you going.

Inspirational Quotes During Covid 19

1. Quotes on Covid

It’s not always necessary to have control of a situation in order to feel in control.

It’s important to remember that even though we can’t change our current situations what we can change is our attitude towards it.

Instead of thinking of this as a way of being forced to stay in our homes. We can see it as a much required breather from our everyday busy lives.


2.Best Quote on Coronavirus

Engaging in activities that make you happy makes you feel less overwhelmed or stressed. Your mood improves over time and it also provides a much-needed distraction from the things going on around you.

So take out your old art supplies or do some other things that are crafty. Cook new recipes. Just dance around your living room.

It’s the time to dust off those hobbies you never got the time for. Do whatever makes you happy in this hard time.


3.Inspirational Quote for hard times

It might look like things are getting worse or not changing at all. But the truth is it won’t always be stormy.

Have patience because this will soon pass. We have been through many adversities like this and we’ve made it out of it and we’ll make it out of this too.

4.Cheesy Inspirational Quote

It might look like you’re alone during these tough times and so it’s important to look around you and see that we’re all in this together.

Everyone is going through this tough time together and helping each other in some way or another.

Whether it’s through singing on balconies in Italy OR volunteering to help each other get essential groceries OR even through engaging in social media challenges.


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5.Hard times of covid 19 quotes

Do you feel overwhelmed or anxious during these times. If so you’re not alone. These feelings are only human and keeping them to yourself only adds to unwanted stress and fear.

Talk about your feelings with someone you trust. Sit down and discuss these with your family or if you live alone then call or video call anyone you’re comfortable with talking about these emotions with.

Talk to your pets if you can’t talk to anyone or go to online portals to write out your feelings. The important thing is to let these feelings out not letting them bottle up inside during this hard time of Coronavirus lockdown.


6.Coronavirus Inspirational Quote

Living in this lockdown. It might feel like you’re missing out on so many things or maybe some opportunities you were looking forward to for a long time have slipped away from our hands.

So it’s important to count down your blessings and if you’re grateful for things you do have right now.  To wake up every day with gratitude helps you ground yourself with the present.

Feel hopeful and cope with these Covid 19 hard times.


7.Covid 19 Quotes

Take this time to focus on yourself. Do the things that you wanted to do for so long but couldn’t find the time for.

Read books to gain knowledge or just for fun like reading the whole Harry Potter series or Percy Jackson our Hunger Games.

Watch movie on Netflix with your family yoga or aerobics or exercises that don’t require any equipment are among the few options that you can choose if your goal is to get in shape.

Take up a new hobby or learn a new skill. Just take full advantage of this time of Lockdown due to Coronavirus.

8.Quotes on Covid 19

The world might look like it’s on fire and so you need to do your part in maintaining your peace and sanity during these troublesome times.

By keeping your mind calm you’re able to handle the situations more efficiently and find solutions for your problems instead of creating more problems

During hard time it’s important to make the best of the situation.


9.Inspirational Quote on Coronavirus

Spend time with your loved ones take time to bond and connect with each other. Not requiring to go to the office or on business trips means getting more time to be with your family.

So spend time with your loved ones

  • Arrange game nights at home
  • Movie marathon nights
  • Play music or sing together
  • Cook together

and talk to each other at the dining room table or while sitting in the living room. Make up for the time you couldn’t be there with your family and cherish it.


10.Positive Quote

It might feel like the end of the world but it’s just a new beginning.

If we shift our perspective we can look at how this coronavirus pandemic has changed our view about so many things we’ve taken for granted.

It’s made us appreciate the simple and little things like

  • A hug
  • High-fi our friends

Instead of dividing us it’s only brought us together. There’s so much positive news because of the necessary coronavirus lockdown like

  • Clearings of canals in Venice
  • Air pollution levels decreasing
  • Stories of the kindness of people from all over the world.

Coronavirus is bringin the whole humanity’s perspective right

Corona is not isolating people, it has connected the whole humanity.

Corona says all humans are equal.

The Lockdown scenario is an opportunity for the humanity to reset our priorities right.

In front of Coronavirus, every other problem looks small.

Be Positive so that Corona gets Negative


Did you find these Inspirational quotes during Covid 19 helpful or inspiring let us know in the comments.

Be sure to share these Quotes with people who could benefit from it as well and spread the positivity.

During these hard times remember to take care of yourself your family friends and neighbors. This is the time where we can work together as a unit and help those who are more vulnerable.

Remember you can step away from the news if it makes you feel out of control or overwhelmed.

Focus on the positive side and engage in anything that makes you happy and calm happy quarantining everyone stay safe.

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